I've always been a layer-er. remember back in the 2000s when it was cool to wear two tank tops, two tees & most times, one of 'em had a popped collar? that was my jam then & it still is nowminus the ironed stiff collar, of course.

the key to a good layer is contrast: different colors, textures, silhouettes. 

everyone's all about faux fur and it's not hard to understand why. for starters, the jackets are usually comfy af but more importantly, they take any outfit from meh to yas. for ex: this is my wknd errand attire and when I throw on my go-to curly faux fur, I no longer feel like I'm just wearing a hoodie & leggings. (instead, I just have to ignore my boyf when he won't stop calling me lambchop. *insert eye roll.*)

we're only half way through februrary & for us in the ny metropolitan area, there's still plenty of sh!t weather ahead of us, so I'll be over here, layering up, taking advantage of every opportunity I get to wear faux fur because that's the only good thing about this time of year.


jacket, bar III (similar) // hoodie, target (similar) // tank, H&M // leggings, 90 degree by reflex // sneaks, vans // beanie, champion x uo (similar)


  1. I am also a lover of layers! You're right - the jacket really stepped up the leisure-wear look :)

  2. What a great outfit! It looks so cozy - my kind of style!

  3. this outfit is perfect! love the layering <3 perfect for this kind of transition weather haha

  4. thank you! & totally agree w/ you on that. transitional outfits are the best. x

  5. I'm really loving this layered up look! Makes me miss the chillier days!

    1. thx babe! I'm alllll for chilly days, but this east coast girl could use some warmth & sun! x

  6. I'm not super fantastic at layering, but I will have to take these ideas into consideration next time I need to layer something!

  7. That sweater looks sooooo comfy! I am loving it!