I'm nicole, & I'm my best self when I'm well-dressed.

I'm a gemini (& someone who uses astrology as an excuse for everything) and as a result, I'm constantly scattered. a few things remain constant though! my love for clothes, shoes & accessories, and surprisingly, websites. this inspired me to launch my owna self-named, creative space to talk about all the things I love.

5 things you should know about me:

+ I originally wanted to be a teacher, then decided I wanted to be a journalist. where'd my career actually take me? into fashion merchandising...for websites. I never expected to fall in love w/ the ecomm world, but I'm so into it.

+ color is -not- my thing. ever since I was little, everything had to match & I quickly learned incorporating color into my wardrobe, bedroom, etc., made that impossible. this resulted in my adult obsession w/ neutral tones. (& yes, I still live in a world where everything has to match.)

+ I'm obsessed w/ healing crystals. I have them at work, in my purse & throughout my apt. I used to judge spencer & heidi pratt, but now I'm over here like teach me everything you know?

+ my favorite non-work activity is going into nyc w/ my boyfriend, no destination in mind. we'll explore different corners of the city and the hidden gems we find are where it's attt. 

my cat Oliver is a rescue, & when I got him from the shelter, he was totally emaciated. it took lots of vet trips, meds and sleepless nights but he recovered! now, Ol's a whopping 23lbs & a whole lot of perfect.

x, nicole

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