disclaimer: this is not sponsored content, this is just a product I really love & want you all to know about.

my whole life, I've been the water-less wonder. 
I somehow stay hydrated without a drop.
my friends & family constantly judge me for eating a whole meal w/o a sip of water...

but not anymore, folks! I realized how ignorant I was not getting my proper h2o intake, just because I'm not thirsty doesn't mean I should deprive my body of water. there are so many benefits to drinking our own required amount. 

I once read you should drink half your weight in ounces, so when I decided I wanted to drink as much water as I f*%king could, I went for it at 62oz a day.

spoiler alert: I couldn't keep up & I thought I was going to drown from the inside out. I knew I had to find another wayin comes the innovative & v on trend healthish water bottle. (it was, & still is, one of the only ads I've ever given a shit about on my instagram feed.) the bpa-free frosted bottle with its brass top & designated drinking times won me right over. 

each side of the water bottle has time stamps on it from 8am-6pm, holding you accountable for drinking x-amount of water by a certain time. genius for a branding sucker like me..but I will say, it's working out great. if I see my bottle hasn't been touched and it's hours passed where I should be, I'm chugging to make up for lost time & make sure I get it all innnn! 

if you re-fill the healthish water bottle the instructed 2x, you'll drink 2 LITERS a day. 
(my required oz. to lose weight!)
& here's how your bod will thank you... 

top benefits of drinking water:

+ increases body & brain energy: 60% of our bodies are water, while 73% of our brains are water! we have to fuel ourselves w/ it in order to function at our best.
+ naturally detoxifies: whether we "sweat it out," or we you know, water helps flush our systemsthe more we drink, the more toxins we get rid of. (& let's be honest, we could all use that after most summer wknds...) add some fresh lemon water for an even stronger detox.
+ prevents headaches: the no. 1 cause of headaches is dehydrated, so heelllloooo. 
+ improves skin & complexion: moisturize our skin from the inside out! if our skin stays hydrated, we're less prone to wrinkles. (I actually add collagen to my water for even more oomph & can share that recipe, if you want just lmk in the comments below!) 
+ helps w/ weight loss & management: just think, if we're full of water, we won't get full on food, minimizing the need to snack or overeat. it also improves metabolism & who doesn't love that?


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