I love when people see clothes or shoes & tell me they think:
"nicole would wear this."
it means I have a very specific look I and I'm v into achieving that.
branding allll around, ya know?

cliché alert: fashion is my passion & I've learned just how much lately after having lots of great convos w/ new people in my life about what I truly love...clothes, shoes, accessories. more than that, it's about how a great #ootd can make you feel, and hoping everyone feels true self-confidence in the way they dress. 

I really believe the only way to feel empowered af in a good 'fit is by staying true to yourself. dress for you & not for others, and especially not for what's expected or preferred. don't play it safe, experiment w/ things outside your comfort zone. once you find the look that makes you feel -110%-stick to itthat is your signature look. 

adding a bandana scarf to my usual minimal outfits are my "thing." I like the classy vibe they give off. depending on the scarf's color or print & how you style it, you can achieve totally different looks. here I went for a metal edge, wearing my fav black star-printed scarf w/ a chunky belt, denim skirt & metallic mules. (the scarf is old & from urban outfitters, shop similar styles below.)

you can wear this scarf two ways: in a bandana shape like I usually do, or around your neck in a bow like this. then, there are so many other things you can do w/ your scarf that's trending rn: 

+ when your hair is up, wrap it around your ponytail or bun
+ tie it to the handles of your purse, backpack, etc. 
+ wear it as a bracelet or an ankle bracelet
+ hat wearers, tie it above your hats' rims
+ if you're really feelin' bold, accessorize your boots w/ it
+ (lmk in the comments other ways you wear your scarves!)

now that you know how to style neck scarves, here's where to buy 'em. x