28 beautifullll times around the planet, fam! 🌎
my birthday just passed (#geminiseason) & it's the first year I feel my age. 

until recently, I felt like I was stuck at 25-years oldthe sweet age of "old enough to know better, young enough to not care." now, my responsibilities have substance, my job is equally challenging as it is fulfilling, my idea of fun has changed drastically & my days just feel more accomplished. to top it off? hearing the word "adulting" actually makes me cringe.

it's a new year for goals, memories, accomplishments...ya know, the usual cliché birthday BS. it's also the best time to reflect on what happened the last year, or the last 28 for that matter. THE CHRONICOLES is the perfect spot for me to collect a few major things worth noting in honor of this year's day of birth, so!


1. I was raised a beach kid at the jersey shore & as thankful as I am for such an unforgettable childhood & adolescent years, I always knew I'd move to a city and I did 2+ years ago to jersey city
2. my life revolved around cheerleading for almost 20 years. I competed, sometimes nationally, and was captain during high school. I coached competitive cheerleading too, with my mom as the coach and my younger sister on the team.
3. yep, I have a little sister! she's my soulmate, even though I can barely forgive her for ruining my halloween the year she was born. dressed as simba, I had to skip trick-o-treating to sit @ a hospital holding a sister, who at the time, I didn't want but now I don't know wtf I'd do w/o her. 
4. my boyfriend & I have been together for almost 6 years. we became adults together, really. like all couples, we went through some tough shit but we live together now and our life & our 2 fur babes make me the happiest. 
5. I adopted my cat oliver 4 years ago and also "adopted" my boyf's staffordshire terrier (aka: pitbull) whiskey the day we started dating. ol came from a shelter that was actually shut down due to neglect & it was an uphill battle to keep him alive when I brought him home but all's good now! most times I look at him, my whole damn heart explodes.
6. for most of my early-20's, I was a festival-loving, costume-wearing, edm-listening wild child. basement nightclubs and wknd long music festivals were my jam (and probably the reason why I hardly ever attend any of those venues now).
7. I suffered the greatest lost a daughter could when my father passed away unexpectedly a few years ago. it was (and still is) crippling to me & beyond undeserving to him and my family, but I still love him entirely & I know he's always with me, wherever he is. 
8. my bachelor's degree is in liberal arts & my minor is in journalism, and I work in e-commerce fashion merchandising. who'd have thunk it?
9. while I was raised catholic, I no longer practice it & instead, I believe in things like: crystals, karma, meditation, the law of attraction, affirmations, enlightenment, etc. try explaining that to your old-school italian family...
10. ever since I was a kid, writing has always been an escape for me. (I won a young author's writing contest!) I have 3 "books" started, and by books I mean ideas of storylines that one day I know I'll bring to life. in the mean time, I'll be over here blogging on NICOLE LEIGH. x 

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