let me start by saying this is not #sponsored content. I just really looooove this product. 

any & everything matcha-related is for me, 
especially if it's going to make my life easier because tbh, 
making your own is a true pain in the ass. (but worth it, obs)
enter my matcha flask by T2! 🍵

I found the T2 tea authorities in downtown manhattan next door to where I work. it's a dream inside, from the never-ending tea and accessory choices, to the fresh brewed samples & the aesthetically pleasing displays. because I trust their quality, it's my go-to matcha spot. I always buy the 50g container of 100% organic matcha, but my best T2 purchase to date is the matcha flask(pictured above.)

at first, I cringed when I realized it was $45I accidentally bought a $45 color, but there are $35 options herebut I'm so obsessed w/ it & concluded it was worth every penny. I bring it w/ me everywhere: running errands, yoga/pilates classes, shopping, traveling & you better believe I drink fresh matcha from it every morning. the only downfall about the flask is that it's not dishwasher safe, but I don't have one in my tiny city apartment anyway, so perf.

other reasons to love this flask:

+ keeps matcha hot/cold for hours (seriously tho, I've brought it to work & didn't drink it 'til 1pm, still hot!)
+ there's a stainless steel whisk attached to the lid, so you can mix as often as you need
+ gets you -free- matcha every friday! just bring the flask into T2's tea bar & ask to fill 'er up.
(^ you can get any tea btw, it doesn't just have to be matcha. they have regular tea flasks too, also part of this promotion. #yourewelcome)

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