when I was a little girl & things changed in my life, I freaked so much I'd break out in hives.
the "unknown" & not being able to control it stilllll gives me the most anxiety.
but, luckily now that I'm older, I can kindly tell anxiety to go f%ck itself!
(most of the time.)

moments of weakness are inevitable, and that's where I've found myself lately: on edge, sweaty palms, uneasy stomach, wondering wtf is going to happen next in life.

some seriously trying obstacles have been placed in not only my way, but in the way of my relationships too, and it's inspired me to make some life changes. & tbh, the gemini in me is ready to shake shit up.

the chase of "what's next" is not only exhilirating, it's also distracting from what's actually happening and personally, I thrive off that because it keeps me from having to feel what's unfolding in front of me...but I've come to terms w/ how unhealthy it is to not accept your own emotions & how important is it to understand how they shape you as an individual.

so, to avoid freaking out over what could happen, I'm learning to be more present in what is happening.
my mind stays occupied in the now, rather than obsessing over the what if's,
& here's how and why:

5 ways to be more present:

+ REFLECT & JOURNAL - take time to write down what happened during the day, what inspires you, favorite quotes, etc. because it forces us to be present.
DO LESS, EVERY DAY - when your schedule is jam packed, there's zero time to actually be in the now, so rather than cramming, space out what needs to be done and take time to breathe.
+ SINGLE TASK, NOT MULTITASK - much like "doing less, every day," multitasking takes up too much energy to allow time to be present in whatever it is you're actually doing, so instead tend to one thing at a time.
+ UNPLUG @ NIGHT - by ridding ourselves of endless scrolling on our phones, laptops, tablets, we're able to actually to disconnect & as a result, be in the momenteven if that moment is just sitting on the couch watching t.v.
+ LET GOOO - holding onto things that happened during the day (conversations you had, fights you might've gotten in, mistakes you could have made) will lead to overthinking which is a huuuuge no-no for being present. our brains become occupied w/ thoughts that most times are irrelevant, so LET THAT SH!T GO

insecurities can (sometimes) lead to enlightenment when not ignored, so rather than running from them, understand them, then grow above them. I'll be over here trying to live by that motto regularlymake it my affirmation, maybe& I hope you can all start to too. x 


  1. I think I might steal some of your advices and make them mine!! xx

  2. These are great tips! I really need to get better at unplugging at night...

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

    1. glad you liked 'em! & it's a struggle, that's for sure. x

  3. Such important affirmations! Just today in fact I was dwelling on some stuff in my past... thank you for the reminder to LET GO :)

    xoxo A

    1. anytime babe - lmk if you ever need another reminder! x

  4. Reflecting and journaling has done wonders for me! Great post!

  5. These are all such great tips! Also I love that jacket!

    The Blush Blonde

  6. Love your 5 tips to stay present. I had the busiest week at work I've ever experienced, and as a result I couldn't tell you what I even accomplished each day. The whole week was on big stressful blur. I couldn't agree more with slowing down, not multitasking and doing less.

    1. I totallyyyy get that! more often than that, I'm wondering wtf I did all day being so busy. hope you're able to slow down! x

  7. I journal every night and it has helped me so much! I write down the highs and lows of each day and its such a great time of reflection.

  8. I really need to be better at unplugging at night! These are great tips!

    The Classic Brunette

    1. thanks girl! & I've been struggling w/ it but feeling great when I'm truly able to unplug. x

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  10. Such a great post. It's so hard this day and age to totally disconnect from life. It's very important though. I need to do better.