it's been frigid lately, so I've been staying as cozy as possible. 
cue my curly coat that inspires my boyfriend to call me lamb chop whenever I wear it. *insert eye roll.*

with age, I've learned that while a having a good outfit is great, staying warm is actually way better. of course I care about what I look too, so I've created quite the coat & jacket collection. I can't take full credit for that thoughI used to work at an outerwear company and was fortunate enough to get a tonnnn of samples.

I've also made it a point to invest in good quality cold weather accessories like pom-pom beanies, embellished gloves & chunky knit scarves, for example. I'm not sure if I'm crazy or a genius but despite how many of these accessories, they're mostly just grey & black. neutral as possible, naturally. reason being, I can wear them as often as possible.


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