coffee spot #4

9 bar cafe  harborside, jersey city //

I don't like to play favorites but...9 bar cafe is my go-to for my preferred cup of coffeespecifically the cold brew. 

lucky for me, both of their locations are within walking distance from my apartment in jersey city. the og storefront is downtown, and that's always my first choice but sometimes I visit their newest location closer to the hudson. it's actually in one of the newest luxury living buildings in the area, urby. (had to call this out because my boyf works there, sry not sry.) 

the coffee is bold & rich, the lattes are smooth and the baked goods are always freshhhh. 
check it out if you're in the area & enjoy a cup of coffee that provides a real kick in the ass.

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btw, you can read more about this coffee spot & other things to do in the harborside area of jersey city in my article that I wrote for have a night's jersey city site here


  1. Absolutely love the look of that coffee bar!

    Tori || Victori Media

  2. Ohhh, that is a cute coffee place! I would love to do some work there <3

  3. It looks like such a cool place to grab a cup of coffee!

  4. This coffee bar looks fab! I love finding cool coffee and tea places like this, I'm all about the ambiance

  5. I love coffee bars! I wish there were some walking distance from my house. :)